What is Breath Masters?

Breath Masters is a platform dedicated to offering the highest quality breathwork certification and training for individuals looking to become proficient breathwork practitioners. It focuses on using breathwork techniques to access altered states of consciousness and address the root causes of clients’ emotional and psychological challenges, facilitating profound personal and spiritual transformations.


Breath Masters offers a unique combination of:

The Theory

The physiology, the psychology, the understanding of how the breath works within the body, so you can speak intelligently and confidently when presenting it to your clients once you’re certified. Understand the mechanisms of breath in depth and geek out on how powerful it is!

The Practice

The most important piece of the equation - we focus on getting those hours of practice under your belt as quickly as possible, because, without it, all the theory in the world is of no use! This is the piece that will allow you to get faster results for your clients and raving testimonials. We make sure that you come out of the training confident and ready to guide breathwork sessions immediately upon getting certified.

The Business

Breathwork is all about impact, but at the end of the day, we need to feed ourselves, right? That’s why we will cover how you can plug this into your current business, how to start a brand new business or a side-hustle, how to get clients quickly, we cover it all in depth! That’s why you can walk away from this training equipped with knowledge and the system to get new clients!

The secret ingredient that makes our way of guiding breathwork journeys absolutely unparalleled – Breath Masters offers a unique spin on breathwork facilitation, which leads to deeper experiences while guiding breathwork journeys that you will not find anywhere else.


Breath Masters Core principles

Finding Your Voice

Confidence in facilitation is a principal focus. Breath Masters trains practitioners to find their voice and deliver their guidance confidently and effectively, minimizing the pressure to perform while maximizing their authentic presence. It’s not about our “unique method”, it’s all about you and your unique expression.
Breath Masters Core principles

Holding Space

A crucial principle in the Breath Masters program is the art of holding space. This includes developing listening skills, setting the environment and the ability to ask the right questions, which are essential for supporting clients effectively during their emotional journeys.
Breath Masters Core principles

Ethical Practices & Mindset

The training focuses on the ethics of coaching and the significance of maintaining a growth mindset. These aspects are vital for creating a safe and respectful environment for all clients and the growth of your business.


Breathwork, as practiced and taught by Breath Masters, is indeed a secret tool to unlocking your fullest potential. This transformative practice utilizes controlled breathing techniques to facilitate emotional release and mental clarity, helping your clients access altered states of consciousness for profound personal growth.
Through our comprehensive training, you will learn how to harness the power of breath to facilitate the transcendence of deep-seated traumas, fears, and blocks, leading to breakthroughs, transformations and a renewed sense of purpose for your clients. Breathwork is more than just breathing; it’s a pathway to a deeply fulfilling and empowered life.

Why Our Breathwork Training And How Does It Work?

Were you looking for the best breathwork training? Looks like you found it! We’d be delighted to have you on the transformational journey that our breathing classes take you on. Our goal is to bring this powerful practice to as many people as possible. Let’s get clear on how this course can serve you, and how you being a coach, can serve your clients!

Breath Masters Community Reviews



It is such a good and well thought of program with so much information in it, both theoretical and practical. It is online but it doesn’t feel like that, because of the live Zoom calls every week and besides that there is a Q&A every week, which lasts as long as there are questions. It feels very personal, like they are right at your side and very reachable. They really care about the students and about breathwork.
After you are certified, you’re still one of them and not left alone.

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This has been such an incredible, in depth and inspiring course. It has taught me so much about myself and in turn has helped me completely change my life and discover my life’s purpose. I am so excited to share the magic of breathwork with the world.

The most informative course with the most amazing instructors.

Thank you for all the incredible resources and assistance you continue to provide 💜

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Liam Sorrell


Jumping into the fray with Brian Kelly at Breath Masters was nothing short of legendary. He has a knack for breaking down the complex world of breathwork that makes it really stick with you. It’s one thing to learn from a pro, but it’s another to be handed the tools to change your life, and in turn, kickstart a ripple effect in the lives of those around you – from your family to your clients, and even beyond to the broader community.

The entire Breath Masters crew brought their A-game, creating a vibe of camaraderie and support that was so genuine. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill training. It was a deep dive into a community that breathes (pun intended) unity and empowerment.

I’m walking away from this experience not just with a Breath Masters toolkit, but with a heart full of gratitude. This journey has been a game-changer for me personally and professionally, and I’m all geared up to pass on this legacy of wellbeing through my business, Grit and Gratitude. Hats off to Breath Masters – they’re the real deal in creating champions of change through the power of breath.

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Gabriella Bragee


My experience with Breathmaster has truly been illuminating, offering profound insights into holistic well-being and creative expression. The curriculum is thorough, the instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable, and the community support is inspiring. While occasional timezone differences have presented minor hiccups, they’ve been overshadowed by the program’s ability to ignite the creative mind while fostering personal growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Breathmasters education to anyone seeking to nourish their mind, body, and innovative spirit. On top of all, you rewire yourself to the better…🙏

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Goedele Leyssen


I started the program because I tried a 9D journey and that had such a deep impact on me that I wanted to know how to facilitate these experiences myself. The training gave me a lot of new insights in the amazing power of breathwork. I am super happy that we were stimulated to start teaching our own journeys while we were going through the training as that helped me to hone my skills and it confirmed to me the impact this work has on others. I am ready now to share breath work on a larger scale with confidence. The fact you can do it online and it is very powerful is a super big advantage! Thank you for everything.

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I have stared the program with the thought that this would help me improve my own breathing and learn more about different types of breathing and their benefits.
The theoretic lessons were so structured that I have learnt all the principles , the whys and hows….All were very, very useful for a strong “root” and in order to be ready for questions to yourself or to others.
But where the real challenge was, the one that took me out of comfort zone were the journeys …..Teaching others I have learnt so sooooo much!!!!

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Erin Sandral


This has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in as long as I can remember. I’ve found purpose through this training, this community and the new skills I’ve gained. The BM team’s passion, knowledge & integrity is unique in today’s world and I’m incredibly grateful to now be a part of it.

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United States

I started my journey with Breath Masters as a participant with a breathwork journey on Zoom.

I didn’t start the Breath Masters Certification right away, but it had been on my mind for probably a year. I’m a PT and specialize in working with clients who have chronic pain. I found that many of my clients had childhood trauma, and even current traumas and emotions, that were contributing to their pain, so I knew that I needed something more. I was able to get on a consultation call with a certified Breath Masters Coach and learn about him and his experience with the program. I decided to start right after that call.
I love the program and the depth of the program information. I also enjoyed that the program can be done at your own pace if unable to complete it in 10 weeks. This gave me time to dive in and be able to study as I needed or take some time away to focus on my PT clients and business. There is also a community Facebook group and the communication within the program is exceptional, if you have questions Kate or Hanna are there to answer emails and help Brian and they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

I also love the Q&A’s and enjoy going back and watching some of them as I learn new information all the time. AJ who is Brian’s partner also has offered coaching Zoom calls around mindset and business. I know other people who have done other certifications who do not have a how-to-get-started business component and we do which is very valuable.
I have started implementing Transformational Breathwork into my client care and am doing group classes and it has made an impact on my client’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

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How Can I Join Breath Masters?

Breath Masters hosts virtual and in-person events around the world that bring together breath coaches and enthusiasts to learn, connect, and grow. This breathwork training as well as all of our events are led by some of the most experienced and respected breath coaches in the industry and offer a variety of learning opportunities, from hands-on training to lectures from leading experts.
Whether you’re a seasoned coach looking to add a new healing tool to your practice or you’re new to breathwork and want to learn more, there’s something for everyone in our breathwork training and other events.

Join Breathwork Masterclass Online

Discover the transformative power of breath in our online Breathwork Masterclass. Led by experienced instructors, this immersive session guides you through mindful breathing techniques for enhanced well-being. Suitable for all levels, explore stress relief, emotional balance, and inner peace from the comfort of your home. Join us to unlock the potential of your breath.

5 Day Breathwork Challenge

Join us for an exhilarating 5-day journey of self-discovery through the transformative practice of breathwork. Led by expert instructors, each day offers guided sessions focusing on harnessing the power of breath to unlock inner peace, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. Whether you’re new to breathwork or a seasoned practitioner, this challenge provides an opportunity for growth and renewal. Dive in and experience the profound benefits of conscious breathing.

30-Day Morning Breath Course

Transform your mornings and energize your day with our comprehensive 30-day breath course. Guided by experienced instructors, this course offers daily practices designed to enhance focus, reduce stress, and promote well-being through the power of breathwork. Perfect for all levels, each session provides tools and techniques to kickstart your day with clarity and vitality. Join us and experience the positive impact of mindful breathing on your morning routine.

Become a Breath Masters Practitioner

Explore the depths of conscious breathing and its transformative potential with our Breath Masters Practitioner program. Led by seasoned experts, this comprehensive training offers certification and advanced techniques to facilitate healing and enhance overall well-being. Join us and embark on a fulfilling path of personal growth and professional mastery through the art of breathwork.

Join Breath Masters In Your Local Area

Join our local Breath Masters community led by experienced practitioners. Dive into transformative breathwork, learn new techniques, and connect with others on the journey to well-being. Whether you’re new or experienced, find support and growth in a welcoming environment near you. Join us and elevate your practice today.

Breath Masters Offers!

How to get started with Breathmasters?
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Guided Breathwork Session Online

If you’re looking for the online experiences or practitioners associated are the “9D Breathwork,” and the consider searching.
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Guided Breathwork Session Online

If you’re looking for the online experiences or practitioners associated are the “9D Breathwork,” and the consider searching.
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Guided Breathwork Session Online

If you’re looking for the online experiences or practitioners associated are the “9D Breathwork,” and the consider searching.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions
Breathwork is an active meditation technique based on controlled hyperventilation breathing. Breathwork classes online has the power to shift your state of consciousness so that you can explore your emotions from today, from yesterday, from thirty years ago, or even those of your family and the collective society in which we function and interact. Emotions that got unconsciously suppressed wire your brain in a dysfunctional way which has negative consequences on your daily life. Untangling these blind spots somatically through breathwork workshops unables you to release these emotions and internal blockages to finally move on and build a better life. Get into our breathwork training now!
A breath coach is someone who has taken a breathwork course and helps people transform using simple breathing techniques. The Breath Master leads breathwork classes under guided groups and 1:1 sessions that help clients overcome stress, increase energy, and tap into their highest potential. Breathwork courses are an extremely useful tool for both life coaches and business coaches. Being a certified teacher will allow you to enrich your coaching experience by integrating the benefits of this practice into the quality of your clients’ relationships with themselves, with others, with their work, and much more. Join breathwork classes online and take your clients’ healing journey on a whole new level!
Every breathwork class in the course can teach you about the modern science behind breathing as well as age-old techniques that can be used to transform any aspect of your life and the lives of your clients. From releasing deeply rooted emotional patterns to evolving consciousness, a breathwork workshop can give people the tools they need to create lasting change. Get into our breathwork training now!
Yes, you can become a breathwork coach even if you’re not a healer! Breath Masters is open to anyone who wants to learn how to use breathwork to support clients with transformation. You do not need to be a healer or even a coach to sign up. You can start building your wellness practice by offering a breath workshop stand alone. Breathwork is an extremely powerful modality all on its own.

For more information on how to become a breathwork coach, reach out to the Breath Masters!
Absolutely, we cover multiple modalities in the training, but we have found that Transformational Breathwork is the quickest and most transformative way to help clients as a breathwork facilitator.
No, not at all. All technical details are very clearly explained in the training. Besides, you’re getting certified to host both – in person and online experiences.

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