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Whether you’re a life, nutrition, fitness, high performance, or a holistic health coach, you already know that just knowing the theory of your craft is not enough.


It’s hard, because we don’t work with robots… We work with human beings that have emotions, trauma and different lifestyles…

Now, recent scientific studies have proven that the conscious mind occupies ONLY 5% of our potential and the other 95% is lurking in the shadows of our subconscious and the unconscious.

The problem is – pretty much the whole coaching industry has been focused on the mind – on that mere 5%… And that’s alright, we identify problems, we set goals, we crush them! (sometimes).

Although coaching modalities such as Life Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, NLP, CBT, etc. are incredibly beneficial and can truly change people’s lives, they’re not NEARLY as effective as working with AND clearing the subconscious mind programming directly.

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Get your Breathwork Certification

Did you know that something as simple as breath can help you access altered states and be your ally in addressing the root cause that’s preventing your clients from getting breakthrough results?
As you’re probably aware, most people are caught up in a story that lives in their head. But utilizing the breathwork in a specific way, you can IMMEDIATELY turn off the monkey mind and access the emotions that are feeding into that mental chatter.
From that emotional state, it is much easier to tap into the root cause of you client’s blockages and process them…instead of always only addressing the symptoms (working with just the conscious mind). Breathwork touches the subconscious.
Now, why do most people become coaches in the first place?
Pretty much every coach really enjoys helping others (unless they’re sociopaths who only care about themselves and making money – if that’s you – you can stop reading here)


Do You Want To Be A "Good Coach" Or An EXTRAORDINARY One

The thing is, the coaching industry has been teaching you to work with a tiny fraction of the human potential that is available to you. This is the equivalent of trying to marathon with your legs & arms tied up, while wearing a gas mask. 
Not the most efficient way to get great results, is it?
What if you were taught how to access what we call the “backdoor to the subconscious” in as little as 20min of breathing and become proficient at guiding your clients through this breathwork experience in as little as 10 weeks?
This is exactly where you can be once you complete this breathwork certification. 

Meet the Breath Masters Founders

Aurimas Juodka (AJ) 
My name is AJ, and mastering this skill has given me the confidence to price myself as the highest paid personal trainer in Asia and also contributed to my ability to help…
Aurimas Juodka AJ
my clients excel more than ANY other coaching skill or certification that I’ve picked up in over a decade of coaching (to date I have about 20 certifications under my belt… so that says a lot).
Brian Kelly
I’m Brian. If You’ve It Made It This Far, And You’ve Never Done Breathwork Before, You’re Probably Skeptical AF, Wondering What’s All The Fuss About, It’s Just Breathing?
Brian kelly
Or, maybe you’ve already tasted the medicine of breathwork and you’re on a mission to figure out ‘wtf is happening to me and why do I feel so good!?’
I was skeptical about breathwork too. Until I watched a friend of mine heal his anxiety, insomnia, and borderline depression in one single breathwork journey. That’s all it took. I was hooked. Instantly.
I felt like I had no choice but to share this magical gift with whoever is open to receiving it.
Since dedicating my life to this work as a breathwork practitioner and teacher, I’ve helped nearly 5,000 students heal all sorts of debilitating issues; stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, snoring & sleep apnea, you name it… all through the power of the breath.

I want to become a Breathwork Facilitator.
How do i Sign up?

Spots For The Breathwork Facilitator Training Are Going Fast So Apply Now!

Transformational Breathwork Training

Transformational Breathwork (TB) is a technique that has been around for decades, and it involves reaching altered states of consciousness using the breath for personal and spiritual transformation.
During the TB, the brain enters into the Theta brainwave state. This has a similar effect to being in a state of hypnosis.

Launch Or Supercharge Your Coaching Business

Being a breathwork practitioner will absolutely change your business. Once your the clients experience the magic of breathwork, you will have a hard time fending off the people wanting to work with you. It truly is THAT powerful.

Guide Your Clients Through Faster Breakthroughs

The quickest way to results is through the subconscious mind to the why address the symptom and beat around the bush if you can go straight to the source? In the breathwork facilitator training, we’ll provide the playback.

Stand Out From The Coaching Crowd

By having a breathwork certification, you will not only be able to help your clients better than most coaches out there, but you will have a chance to experience the breathwork sessions yourself and clear your own subconscious.

Limited Spaces Available

So apply now before close the doors to the breathwork facilitation online

Breath Masters Community Reviews



It is such a good and well thought of program with so much information in it, both theoretical and practical. It is online but it doesn’t feel like that, because of the live Zoom calls every week and besides that there is a Q&A every week, which lasts as long as there are questions. It feels very personal, like they are right at your side and very reachable. They really care about the students and about breathwork.
After you are certified, you’re still one of them and not left alone.

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This has been such an incredible, in depth and inspiring course. It has taught me so much about myself and in turn has helped me completely change my life and discover my life’s purpose. I am so excited to share the magic of breathwork with the world.

The most informative course with the most amazing instructors.

Thank you for all the incredible resources and assistance you continue to provide 💜

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Liam Sorrell


Jumping into the fray with Brian Kelly at Breath Masters was nothing short of legendary. He has a knack for breaking down the complex world of breathwork that makes it really stick with you. It’s one thing to learn from a pro, but it’s another to be handed the tools to change your life, and in turn, kickstart a ripple effect in the lives of those around you – from your family to your clients, and even beyond to the broader community.

The entire Breath Masters crew brought their A-game, creating a vibe of camaraderie and support that was so genuine. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill training. It was a deep dive into a community that breathes (pun intended) unity and empowerment.

I’m walking away from this experience not just with a Breath Masters toolkit, but with a heart full of gratitude. This journey has been a game-changer for me personally and professionally, and I’m all geared up to pass on this legacy of wellbeing through my business, Grit and Gratitude. Hats off to Breath Masters – they’re the real deal in creating champions of change through the power of breath.

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Gabriella Bragee


My experience with Breathmaster has truly been illuminating, offering profound insights into holistic well-being and creative expression. The curriculum is thorough, the instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable, and the community support is inspiring. While occasional timezone differences have presented minor hiccups, they’ve been overshadowed by the program’s ability to ignite the creative mind while fostering personal growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Breathmasters education to anyone seeking to nourish their mind, body, and innovative spirit. On top of all, you rewire yourself to the better…🙏

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Goedele Leyssen


I started the program because I tried a 9D journey and that had such a deep impact on me that I wanted to know how to facilitate these experiences myself. The training gave me a lot of new insights in the amazing power of breathwork. I am super happy that we were stimulated to start teaching our own journeys while we were going through the training as that helped me to hone my skills and it confirmed to me the impact this work has on others. I am ready now to share breath work on a larger scale with confidence. The fact you can do it online and it is very powerful is a super big advantage! Thank you for everything.

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I have stared the program with the thought that this would help me improve my own breathing and learn more about different types of breathing and their benefits.
The theoretic lessons were so structured that I have learnt all the principles , the whys and hows….All were very, very useful for a strong “root” and in order to be ready for questions to yourself or to others.
But where the real challenge was, the one that took me out of comfort zone were the journeys …..Teaching others I have learnt so sooooo much!!!!

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Erin Sandral


This has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in as long as I can remember. I’ve found purpose through this training, this community and the new skills I’ve gained. The BM team’s passion, knowledge & integrity is unique in today’s world and I’m incredibly grateful to now be a part of it.

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United States

I started my journey with Breath Masters as a participant with a breathwork journey on Zoom.

I didn’t start the Breath Masters Certification right away, but it had been on my mind for probably a year. I’m a PT and specialize in working with clients who have chronic pain. I found that many of my clients had childhood trauma, and even current traumas and emotions, that were contributing to their pain, so I knew that I needed something more. I was able to get on a consultation call with a certified Breath Masters Coach and learn about him and his experience with the program. I decided to start right after that call.
I love the program and the depth of the program information. I also enjoyed that the program can be done at your own pace if unable to complete it in 10 weeks. This gave me time to dive in and be able to study as I needed or take some time away to focus on my PT clients and business. There is also a community Facebook group and the communication within the program is exceptional, if you have questions Kate or Hanna are there to answer emails and help Brian and they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

I also love the Q&A’s and enjoy going back and watching some of them as I learn new information all the time. AJ who is Brian’s partner also has offered coaching Zoom calls around mindset and business. I know other people who have done other certifications who do not have a how-to-get-started business component and we do which is very valuable.
I have started implementing Transformational Breathwork into my client care and am doing group classes and it has made an impact on my client’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

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The 10-Week Curriculum Of The Breathwork Certification

Week 1:

Introduction To Breathwork

Week 2:

Breathing Science

Week 3:

Teaching Made Simple

Week 4:

Transformational Breathwork

Why Our Breathwork Facilitator Training?

Why Our Breathwork Facilitator Training?