Obvious and not so obvious benefits of breathwork

Did you know that breathing exercises can be used to improve your overall health and wellness in many different ways? Here are some breathwork benefits which have been scientifically proven.

Breathwork is an exercise technique widely used for relaxation, stress management, pain relief, and sleep improvement. But there are other benefits of breathwork that are less widespread and even more incredible. Let’s dive right into some of the reasons why breathing exercises should be part of any healthy lifestyle.

Have you heard of those crazy benefits of breathwork?

You may not realize it, but your breath plays a major role in your mental state.

One of the top reasons why people practice breathwork is because it reduces levels of tension. Indeed, it can be very helpful in calming down your mind during times of high-pressure or emotional distress. Research even shows that breathwork can be beneficial in reducing feelings of depression, anger, and frustration. 

While these benefits of breathwork are super valuable, they only scratch the surface of what’s possible! Without further ado, let’s explore some of these less obvious breathwork benefits.

breathwork benefits

Healing from trauma and PTSD 

Those seeking to work through their traumatic memories may find that breath therapy is an effective tool. Breathing techniques can provide a safe space to explore painful feelings. Breathwork’s ability to help one calm down makes it an effective tool for handling stressors or traumatic situations as they arise. Many of the advanced breathing techniques can also be utilized as a means of moving forward with life. This allows them to be helpful for those who want a mindfulness-based approach to dealing with their future challenges.

Overcoming addictions and fighting OCD

A research paper published in the International Journal Of Mental Health And Addictions concluded that Holotropic Breathwork is effective at treating substance abuse, particularly when used in combination with other forms of psychotherapy. It greatly helps patients manage their depressive symptoms, anxiety, and/ or traumatic experiences related to their addictions.

Detoxing the body from unhealthy toxins

Breathing exercises help us release toxic substances from our bodies. By breathing through our mouth, we inhale all kinds of harmful substances into our lungs. But by practicing proper breathing techniques, we can expel these substances from our system. We also learn how to keep our blood in an alkaline state so that our organs stay healthy.

Strengthening core muscles and improving daily breathing capacity 

Breath work has been used by athletes for years because it helps improve their overall health and performance. It also helps strengthen your diaphragm, which makes physical activity easier to perform. Regularly practicing deep breaths strengthens your entire body, making it easier to exercise and breathe.

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