I started my journey with Breath Masters as a participant with a breathwork journey on Zoom.

I didn’t start the Breath Masters Certification right away, but it had been on my mind for probably a year. I’m a PT and specialize in working with clients who have chronic pain. I found that many of my clients had childhood trauma, and even current traumas and emotions, that were contributing to their pain, so I knew that I needed something more. I was able to get on a consultation call with a certified Breath Masters Coach and learn about him and his experience with the program. I decided to start right after that call.
I love the program and the depth of the program information. I also enjoyed that the program can be done at your own pace if unable to complete it in 10 weeks. This gave me time to dive in and be able to study as I needed or take some time away to focus on my PT clients and business. There is also a community Facebook group and the communication within the program is exceptional, if you have questions Kate or Hanna are there to answer emails and help Brian and they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

I also love the Q&A’s and enjoy going back and watching some of them as I learn new information all the time. AJ who is Brian’s partner also has offered coaching Zoom calls around mindset and business. I know other people who have done other certifications who do not have a how-to-get-started business component and we do which is very valuable.
I have started implementing Transformational Breathwork into my client care and am doing group classes and it has made an impact on my client’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.