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The most important thing is to GET YOUR CLIENT TO APPLY THAT THEORY.

Whether you’re a life, nutrition, fitness, high performance, or a holistic health coach, you already know that just knowing the theory of your craft is not enough.


It’s hard, because we don’t work with robots… We work with human beings that have emotions, trauma and different lifestyles…

Now, recent scientific studies have proven that the conscious mind occupies ONLY 5% of our potential and the other 95% is lurking in the shadows of our subconscious and the unconscious.

The problem is – pretty much the whole coaching industry has been focused on the mind – on that mere 5%… And that’s alright, we identify problems, we set goals, we crush them! (sometimes)

Although coaching modalities such as Life Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, NLP, CBT, etc. are incredibly beneficial and can truly change people’s lives, they’re not NEARLY as effective as working with AND clearing the subconscious mind programming directly.

Keep reading this if you want to:

Did you know that something as simple as breath can help you access altered states and be your ally in addressing the root cause that's preventing your clients from getting breakthrough results?..

As you’re probably aware, most people are caught up in a story that lives in their head. But utilizing the breathwork in a specific way, you can IMMEDIATELY turn off the monkey mind and access the emotions that are feeding into that mental chatter.

From that emotional state, it is much easier to tap into the root cause of you client’s blockages and process them…instead of always only addressing the symptoms (working with just the conscious mind). Breathwork touches the subconscious.

Now, why do most people become coaches in the first place?

Pretty much every coach really enjoys helping others (unless they’re sociopaths who only care about themselves and making money – if that’s you – you can stop reading here)

So, in order to get amazing results, you’d want to be as well equipped as you possibly can to consistently get desired outcomes for your clients, right? 

Well then no other course can equip you better for coaching than a breathwork facilitator training like this one.

Do you want to be a "good coach"

The thing is, the coaching industry has been teaching you to work with a tiny fraction of the human potential that is available to you. This is the equivalent of trying to run a marathon with your legs and arms tied up, while wearing a gas mask 😀

Not the most efficient way to get great results, is it?

What if you were taught how to access what we call the “backdoor to the subconscious” in as little as 20min of breathing and become proficient (and wildly confident!) at guiding your clients through this breathwork experience in as little as 10 weeks?

This is exactly where you can be once you complete this breathwork certification. 

This experience was huge. I'm very touched and deeply grateful for your work. Before the session, I felt anxious about the future bc of money issues. I was so in my mind.
After the session, I felt grounded within my body and present. Full of bliss, trust, gratitude, and positivity at the end. This is incredible! Everyone should do this 🙏
-Julia Koster



My name is AJ, and mastering this skill has given me the confidence to price myself as the highest paid personal trainer in Asia (I used to charge $40-70/session) and also contributed to my ability to help my clients excel more than ANY other coaching skill or certification that I’ve picked up in over a decade of coaching (to date I have about 20 certifications under my belt… so that says a lot).

I first discovered breathwork in 2013, and ever since then I became a diligent student of the breath:

…but this ONE technique helped me to release what felt like 10 years of emotional buildup in ONE session.

Imagine a 6’8″ dude, weighing 250+ lbs, raised in the Eastern Europe, bawling like a baby. Uncontrollably.

All of that suppression of my emotions over the rough years of growing up in the soviet regime… the bullying… the unprocessed emotional hardships of my service in the military…

Poof! Gone…

After breathwork, I felt lighter, more clear and open than I ever have – it felt like a big crack through my defenses and the shell that has been protecting the deep untapped emotions within me.

So I knew I was onto something…

I felt such a powerful breakthrough that I couldn’t help but want to share breathwork with others. Since I was already a coach, it was a no-brainer! I’ve worked with amazing coaches in the past but no NLP or High-Performance coaching sessions ever had an impact that came anywhere close to breathwork…

So I realized that there’s more to coaching than just working with the conscious mind!

Once I applied this breathwork technique to my clients, I saw them quickly open up and share the problems that they could not speak up about before, because their conscious mind was getting in the way.

Of course, the structure and fundamentals of conscious coaching are crucial, but these skills are NOT necessarily going to create raving fans. Add in the power of breathwork and your clients will never want to stop working with you.

One of the most common questions I get asked from my clients is, “why doesn’t everyone know about breathwork!?

Over the last year, as mental health issues have skyrocketed all over the world, I knew it was time to launch a breath work certification program and share this amazing tool with more people.

And that’s when I met Brian….



I’m Brian. If you’ve it made it this far, and you’ve never done breathwork before, you’re probably skeptical AF, wondering “what’s all the fuss about, it’s just breathing?”.

Or, maybe you’ve already tasted the medicine of breathwork and you’re on a mission to figure out ‘wtf is happening to me and why do I feel so good!?’

I was skeptical about breathwork too. Until I watched a friend of mine heal his anxiety, insomnia, and borderline depression in one single breathwork journey. That’s all it took. I was hooked. Instantly.

I felt like I had no choice but to share this magical gift with whoever is open to receiving it.

Since dedicating my life to this work as a breathwork practitioner and teacher, I’ve helped nearly 3,000 students heal all sorts of debilitating issues; stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, snoring & sleep apnea, you name it… all through the power of the breath.

It doesn’t take long for first-time students to realize that breathwork is not “just breathing.” Nor is it the kind of breath awareness you might practice in meditation. Far from it.

You can even use the technique we’ll be training in this breathwork certification online program to access psychedelic states of consciousness, where you can see your core beliefs clearly for the first time, and access transformational release.

That’s a space normally reserved for medicinal psychedelics. But here it comes, without the need of external drugs or stimulants. As a breathwork practitioner, you ca get your clients high on their own supply, simply by breathing.

Think about it…

If a breathwork practitioner can help manipulate the breath, he/she can help manipulate the nervous system. If you complete this breathwork training, you can change your and your client’s mood, stress response, concentration, clarity, focus, heart rate, stamina, digestion and even sleep.

More than that. Breathwork can help you release generational trauma on a cellular level. You can change your DNA! Rewrite your client’s subconscious scripts and programming.

Can you see how much control a breathwork training gives us? Massive. 

How it impacts the way we each react and respond to life. How much it frees us to express who we truly are.

If your emotions create your experience of life, but you can change your emotions whenever you want, that means you can choose how you show up to life… every single day.

As a breathwork practitioner, you’ll offer your clients the tools to consciously create their own transformation…. And they’re going to fu**ing love you for it. Trust me.

Being a certified breathwork facilitator is a huge gift you can offer to the world.

Since my first experience with breathwork, I’ve immersed myself in research, study, and a daily practice that has become my new way of life. I’ve gone from extreme states of stress, anxiety and overwhelm to deep levels of peace, contentment and excitement for life. Born again.

And I know that if I can haul myself out of the trenches using these simple, powerful methods, I believe it’s my calling to help you (and your clients) do the same and share this breathwork training.


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Instead of trying to access the unconscious mind, most coaches are trying to cram their minds with more knowledge and theory to become better at coaching.

More knowledge does NOT mean greater results. Knowledge doesn't mean anything if how much you know can't be translated into your clients having unbelievable breakthroughs...


Now, there’s another route that some coaches take in order to become “better” at their craft and charge more for their services

They fall for the marketing gurus telling them that the way to best serve your clients is to position yourself as an expert in the industry.

Don’t get me wrong, looking like you’re an expert, knowing who you serve and effectively communicating what you do IS important…

But that STILL DOESN’T guarantee groundbreaking client results.

So, what does..?

BEING a true expert and having a skill that cracks open the subconscious mind by getting your clients to shut off their monkey brain at lightning speed so they can access the remaining 95% of their human potential hiding in their unconscious.

How, you may ask?

Through the phenomenon called ‘transient hypofrontality’.

We cover this phenomenon in-depth inside the breathwork facilitator training online program. But without being too fancy, this simply means pulling the levers to shut down your client’s monkey mind, so they can bring to the surface the stuck, unprocessed emotions that are residing in their bodies…

As a certified breathwork facilitator, you can effectively help them to process those emotions, while reprogramming the limiting beliefs, negative thought loops and patterns of self-sabotage buried in the subconscious mind of your client. For good.

A breathwork training sounds a bit more powerful than a little bit of goal setting and accountability, doesn’t it? 

This has truly changed my life, with one single breathwork session. I was guided through the most profound and healing experience.
It’s hard to put into words the depths we went to, although I can say I’m eternally grateful. Thank you for creating such a safe space, thank you for your care and attention, and ultimately thank you for sharing your gift with me. ❤️
-Sasha Muria

Here’s What Transformational Breathwork Is:

Transformational Breathwork (TB) is a technique that has been around for decades, and it involves reaching altered states of consciousness using the breath for personal and spiritual transformation.

During the TB, the brain enters into the Theta brainwave state. This has a similar effect to being in a state of hypnosis.

The results are widespread and unique to each individual, but a few of the most commonly reported results we’ve received after sessions are:

Launch or supercharge your coaching business

Being a breathwork practitioner will absolutely change your business. Once your clients experience the magic of breathwork, you will have a hard time fending off the people wanting to work with you.
It truly is THAT powerful.

Guide your clients through faster breakthroughs

The quickest way to results is through the subconscious mind - why address the symptom and beat around the bush if you can go straight to the source? In the breathwork facilitator training, we'll provide the playback so you can fast track the learning curve.

Stand out from the coaching crowd

By having a breathwork certification, you will not only be able to help your clients better than most coaches out there, but you will have a chance to experience the breathwork sessions yourself and clear your own subconscious blockages of self-doubt, fear and anxiety.

Limited Spaces Available
So Apply Now Before Close the Doors to the breathwork facilitator training online

“I’m hooked!”

“I just did your breathwork session and I’m hooked. It’s a little intimidating to say, but I want to learn how to facilitate and empower people the way you do and spread this incredible healing tool. Also, thank you for giving me the realization and the courage to find a place to teach yoga again. I stopped during the pandemic and became the cliche burnt-out entrepreneur that you mentioned at the beginning of your session, juggling a million different things, fueled by weed and caffeine, and losing myself in the pursuit of money and security. That being said, please keep me posted on your breath coach certification program. I’d like to continue deepening my practice with you and step into service.”

-Devon Seegers

“So grateful for this!”

“I just finished the breathwork journey you did this morning and simply wanted to say thank you!

I think I just made peace with some sad events that happened during my childhood and forgave a lot of things to my parents and my brother. I already feel more confident in myself and in my abilities and I’m ready to start loving myself And for that, I just needed to say thank you. Please keep doing what you’re doing, I’m sure you’re helping a lot of people just like you helped me today.”


“I definitely tapped into some emotional sh*t”

“I’ve still been processing my experience from earlier this week. The live experience was awesome and neat to be in a “room” with people from all around the world. I feel like my body had an exorcism, my body was convulsing here and there.

I definitely tapped into some emotional shit and found myself wailing with tears. I’m not sure if it was the exhaustion from the experience, the release-or both- but the whole next day I was not experiencing fight or flight… dammit it was so good to just be more relaxed and not on Edge the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. I just want to say thanks, I’m not sure really how I stumbled upon this class…but it rocked me!”

-Shelly Postek

 The 10-Week Curiculum of the Breathwork Certification

breathwork training WEEK 1:

Introduction to Breathwork



breathwork training


breathwork training WEEK 3:

Teaching Made Simple



breathwork training WEEK 4:

Transformational Breathwork

breathwork training WEEK 5:

Guiding an Online Session



breathwork training WEEK 6:

The One-on-One

breathwork training WEEK 7:

Live Group Sessions



breathwork training


breathwork training WEEK 9:

Building Your Business



breathwork training WEEK 10:

You're a certified breathwork facilitator !!!

In This breathwork facilitator training

Total Value: $22,183
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Frequently Asked Questions
About The breath work certification

Yes! It is accredited by YogiLab Certifying body.

It expires yearly, to make sure that you stay on top of your game as a breathwork facilitator and keep expanding your knowledge around breathwork. The recertification process is absolutely free.

No, not at all. All technical details are very clearly explained in the training. Besides, you’re getting certified to host both – in person and online experiences.

Absolutely, we cover multiple modalities in the training, but we have found that Transformational Breathwork is the quickest and most transformative way to help clients as a breathwork facilitator.

Yes, we have multiple payment options for the breathwork facilitator training online.