Breathwork Teacher Training and Certification

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As a Breath Masters instructor, you’ll learn how to combine both breathwork and somatic health coaching into one transformative system, so you can become skilled and have the edge to meet the growing demand of both trends.

Breathwork Workshop March 21st

Breathwork techniques are simple and incredibly effective. Whether you’re looking to add depth to your own personal practice or to empower yourself with the tools to expand your coaching business, this Masterclass will empower you with the most practical tools for engineering the most profound results.
Breathwork Workshop January 4th

Join Our Growing Breathwork Community

Breath Masters hosts virtual and in-person events around the world that bring together breath coaches and enthusiasts to learn, connect, and grow. Our events are led by some of the most experienced and respected breath coaches in the industry and offer a variety of learning opportunities, from hands-on training to lectures from leading experts.

Whether you’re a seasoned coach looking to add a new healing tool to your practice or you’re new to breathwork and want to learn more, there’s something for everyone at our events.