How a breathwork training can change your life 

Do you want to learn a truly transformative practice and change your life? Are you aware that the world is in need of deep healing and a shift in consciousness? What if we tell you that the conscious use of your breath can enable you to regain your full physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities! 

Breathwork is practiced around the world, and it’s been proven to help people in lots of ways: reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, increase focus, and even boost happiness. But how does breathwork work? What exactly do you do during a breathwork training or a breathwork session? And why might it benefit you? This article explains how breathwork works, and how a breathwork training can change your life.

The power of your breath 

The majority of adults only use about one third of our breathing capacity. The way each person breathes directly reflects his or her background and relationship to life. Every trauma, every emotion that has not been released from your body leaves an imprint on your breathing. It provides valuable information about your nervous system and teaches you to regulate it. 

Most of us forget how to breathe. In our fast-paced society, no one notices the beauty of the present moment. All this makes us forget our body, our source of energy, and especially our mental health and emotions. Not breathing properly can create a lot of stress, and can result in psychological as well as physical problems.

Why would you need a breathwork training?

The body remembers everything, and it also has unbelievable self-healing properties. A breathwork training allows us to go beyond the barriers of self-protection and resistance, to thwart the mind, to make the body speak, and to heal it. 

The idea behind a breathwork training is to use our breath to enter an altered state of consciousness. The goal is to help you release emotions that may be blocked and unconsciously affect your daily life. 

It is a form of controlled or voluntary hyperventilation, as we breathe circularly and consciously through the mouth for a specific time and in a very rhythmic way with music.

How does a breathwork training look like?

During a breathwork training, we future practitioners learn to increase the level of oxygen in the body. This can sometimes lead to cramps, especially in the extremities. As you go along, and with the change of music ad words from the teacher, the body lets go of resistance ad releases emotions that were stuck. What is also important is to let yourself integrate the session and welcome what you are feeling.

Transform the lives of thousands of people with just a few breaths

Breathwork is an intensely transformative and beautiful tool that allows you to heal from past emotions or traumas, reconnect with your highest self while restoring your breathing mechanism to its full potential. This will have an incredible impact on all aspects of your life, and the life of your clients if you choose to be a breathwork practitioner. 

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