How to get certified in breathwork?

Today as a society we forget just how important it is for humans to breathe properly. In fact, there are numerous studies showing that lack of proper breathing negatively impacts one’s mental and physical well-being.

Yes, it might seem odd that we don’t think about breathing every single day, but often times we do forget about it. However, throughout time studies show that correct breathing can positively impact our minds and bodies. For these reasons, breathwork emerged as a leading alternative therapy modality and transforms millions of lives every year. If you’d like to know how to get certified in breathwork, keep on reading!

What is a Breathing Coach Certification?

A breathing coach certification is a credential given to those who want to learn about the benefits of breathing and teach others how to use breathing techniques to improve their health and wellness. These certificates are awarded based on the number of hours spent studying and practicing the art of breathing.

What do you learn during a breathwork certification program? 

This certification teaches you about the importance of breathing correctly and how to properly instruct others on the subject. You learn everything there is to know about breathing, including what causes problems in the lungs, why we should care, and how to correct those issues.

You learn about the different types of breathing exercises and how each one works. You’ll understand the anatomy of the human body and how the organs work together. You’ll discover the difference between diaphragmatic breathing and chest breathing, and how to use both techniques effectively. And finally, you’ll learn the basics of teaching someone else how to breathe correctly.

breathwork certification

Determine your preferred learning style

If you’re looking to learn how to do breath work, there are three main ways to go about it. You could enroll in a live class where you can interact with your instructor one-on-one. You could attend online classes via video chat. Or maybe you’d rather just learn from books and videos. There’s no wrong way to learn breath work. But knowing yourself better can make choosing the best option easier.

Live workshops

Live workshops offer students the opportunity to learn directly from a certified instructor. These classes usually take place over several days and cover topics such as anatomy, breathing techniques, energy work, and meditation. Students often receive hands-on practice during class sessions and can ask questions throughout the process.

Live workshops give students the chance to interact with their instructor and fellow classmates. They’re also great because they allow students to experience the material firsthand and build confidence around the subject matter.

Online courses

Online courses are available through many different platforms. Some of these include video lectures, audio recordings, written materials, and interactive quizzes. Online courses are typically self-paced and can be taken at any time. However, some online programs may have deadlines for completion or may only accept applications on certain dates.

Finding the right breathwork school and teacher

The most important thing to consider when choosing a course is whether it aligns with your personal philosophy. What does the instructor believe in? Do they teach what you know works best for you? Or do they push their own agenda? Are they open to feedback?

Before committing to a program, make sure you research the beliefs and philosophies behind it. Also, find out about the instructor’s background and experience. How long has he been doing this? Where did he train? Did he study under anyone experienced?

If you don’t agree with his values or his approach to breathwork, then you’re not going to enjoy training under him very much. You want to work with somebody whom you can respect and admire, and whose teachings inspire you.

You don’t have to be teaching straight away!

Ask yourself what you’re most hoping to get out of your breathwork training. Do you want to start offering breath work sessions professionally? Or are you simply looking to build a new skill set and gain a new experience with breathwork? If it’s the former, you might consider taking classes or workshops offered by reputable schools like the Breath Masters. This could help you learn how to offer breathwork sessions and develop your skill set.

If you’re just interested in learning about breathwork, however, there are plenty of opportunities online. You can watch videos, read articles, and even join communities where people discuss different techniques. There are many ways to explore breathwork, and you don’t have to go straight into teaching others. Start small by exploring different practices and see what works best for you.

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