Mindful Breathing

How to Practice Mindful Breathing Throughout the Day

Mindful breathing is a form of meditation and a deep relaxation technique, often practiced in the context of personal or spiritual development. But according to Breath Masters, everyone is capable of and should practice conscious breathing throughout their day. Here’s why. 

Why should we pay attention to our breath?

If we are told to pay attention to the breath in various practices, it is because it is an excellent bridge between the body and the mind. By paying attention to the breath, we reintegrate our mind with the body and the body reintegrates with our mind.

Our breath is a reflection of our mind, an image of our own being. When we are anxious, our breathing is short and shallow. When we are relaxed, our breathing is full and deep. By paying attention to our breath, we find this unity of our being, this unity of body and mind, in a very simple way.

Another reason to pay attention to the breath is that it is life force itself. As long as we are alive, we breathe. Thus, by synchronising with our breathing, we let life work in us, we give it full rights.

And lastly, we pay attention to the breath because it allows us to open up very deeply to something greater than us. The breath can take us to new dimensions, which can be very healing. 

Who can benefit from mindful breathing?

Mindful breathing is for everyone. There is no typical profile for practicing it. However, it can be particularly useful for people who are anxious or stressed. It is also beneficial in cases of restlessness, depression, or burnout.

conscious breathing

Why should we practice conscious breathing?

When you are stressed, anxious or upset, your heart rate increases. Breathing becomes irregular, rapid and chaotic. As soon as we become aware of this and act on our breath to make it slower, more peaceful, inner calm sets in again. 

But in the midst of busy schedules and the hectic pace of day-to-day life, we often forget to breathe properly. However, all it takes is a little attention and practice to feel all the benefits of a good breath, whether it is relaxing and energizing.

How to breathe mindfully?

To practice mindful breathing, simply focus as much as possible on the simple act of breathing. To do this, you can breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, and pay attention to the air coming in through your nostrils. Feel your lungs slowly inflate, and notice the air coming out of your mouth. It’s as simple as that!

When should we breathe consciously?

Conscious breathing can be practiced at any time of the day and literally anywhere. No matter what you are doing, breathing can help you ground yourself and come back to your natural state of well-being. 

Conscious breathing is super simple to integrate into your daily life. There is no ideal duration to respect for this practice. It can be a couple of seconds, several minutes, or even hours. People who practice it regularly will naturally practice it for longer periods of time as they will enjoy the new feeling of being relaxed and at ease. 

Practicing breath awareness throughout the day

To help you practice it regularly, you can practice conscious breathing at specific times of the day such as in the morning before getting out of bed, at night before going to sleep, or before having a meal.

More and more people integrate conscious breathing into their daily life. It is often used before events that can be stressful events such as a medical appointment, a presentation, an interview, a test, etc. It can also be used in transit while sitting in the bus, taking a train, or just walking on the street. Some people like to practice it while performing daily chores such as washing the dishes.