Holotropic Breathing

Is Holotropic Breathing Safe?

The practice of experiential psychotherapeutic emerged in the 1980s as a tool for personal exploration and inner healing, and it has trained instructors who now teach it around the world. It incorporates music with modern consciousness studies, psychological theory, and eastern spiritual practices.

Today, holotropic breathing became widespread and while a growing number of people praise its effects, some are still doubting the safety of the holotropic breathing practice. Let’s clear up this confusion. 

What do holotropic breathing sessions really look like? 

A guided breathwork session requires creating a secure space for participants to release their inhibitions or mental blockages. Participants must be led by facilitators who are properly prepared and skilled to lead them through that process.

To begin, rhythmic drumming sets the tone. The Breathers lay down and start taking rapid breaths, in a continuous way without any breaks between inhales and exhales.

Unusual states of mind

When breathing leads to unusual states of mind, there is a possibility for unusual projection, which includes a longing for nurturing, touch, or connection. When the body experiences an extraordinary state of consciousness, people often experience a feeling of euphoria or even ecstasy. Some also feel some deep sadness that they were carrying for years. 

The importance of finding the right holotropic breathwork facilitator

Grof, who remains an important thinker in spiritual psychology, has been teaching this method of breath work to hundreds of people for years, and it’s now a common way to explore the unconscious mind.

Trained practitioners help clients deal with these emotions as they arise while adhering to their commitment to conducting the practice in a responsible way. This makes holotropic breathing not only hugely transformative but also 100% safe. 

The key principle behind somatic therapies is for clients to be able to look at themselves from an outside perspective. So yes, this might be scary AF. But certainly not unsafe owing that you are doing the session with a trusted holotropic breathwork practitioner.

How many holotropic breathing sessions lead to the best results? 

The purpose of Holotropic Breathwork is to help uncover insights that you can use to improve your daily life. Some people may be able to accomplish this after just one session, whereas some people may need multiple sessions before they’re ready to take action.

holotropic breathing sessions

Holotropic breathing with Breath Masters

Holotropic breathing is different from taking regular deep breaths because you’re not simply inhaling and exhaling. Instead, you’re taking in air and simultaneously letting go of carbon dioxide, yet you’re also opening up your mind to new possibilities outside of your physical body.

If you’d like to try that out in the safest environment, take a look at what Breath Masters is offering. We are sure you’ll find just what you need.